Sunday, 12 May 2013
Hi Everyone! there's a  lots of Wedding coming up. That means lots of oppportunities to use the beautiful gift collection! I thought I would get a head start and make some d.i.y favors for one of these upcoming occasions.  

I decided to make cone shaped pouches to hold something to eat or small gifts for handing out to wedding guests. This is what I came up with...
you just need: A4 paper, Printer,Sewing Machine, Thread, Cutter, Cutting Matt and Ruler
To make your design favor, create your patterned paper to your desired size. I started with a 4" x 5" panel.
P/S: size depends on yours, for us a small one is more cute :)
 Print your design on A4 paper
Fold your paper into 4 panel
 Cut your paper into 4 panel using cutter or scissor
 Fold you 4" x 5" panel and sew it using sewing machine
it much easier when you use adhesive along edge

Do not sew all edges before you put something on it
 Fill the favor with something small to eat.
Turn the favor so that the length bottom edge is facing away from you.
We put a seaweed snack on it
  I chose to sew mine shut so the favor could be easily open. 

this is the final look. there are easily creative isn't?
or you may take a look a beautiful this favor at Crate paper blog

thank you for read this :)


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